Artist Bio


Returning to the states, she lived a very lovely time in Washington, DC…which had more than just a bit of an influence on her as well. During her stay in DC, she had herself legally made an Empress (yep, she did), and founded TML Arts, LLC, through which she makes available her own artwork, promotes other artists whose work she finds intriguing, and arranges for very unique and quite memorable exhibits both as an artist and as independent curator. She was also very honored to be one of the resident artists for the inaugural year for the “Off The Beaten Track Warehouse” where she was fortunate enough to meet some truly astounding individuals.

The Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. offered her many baskets full of Much Joy, and one of her most deeply felt artistic breakthroughs occurred when in November of 2014, she stepped through the doors of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland…a place she now refers to as “one of the most beautiful and stupendous and astounding and fabulously glorious place I have ever visited so far on this planet.” She is grateful to have been part, in a small way, of AVAM’s “Shining Walls/Shining Youth” Project during the spring of 2015.
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