Artist Bio

Terri Maxfield Lipp: Artist of many hues 

MeOnce upon a time, Terri Maxfield Lipp was born and raised in, what was then, the tiny town of Rockton, Illinois. Seemingly from birth, she was always attracted to looking at or making art, even trading in birthday-cake-wishes for more crayons, tempera, and big pieces of paper.

As a child, her favorite past time was to climb high into the trees that surrounded her home, and pass the afternoon way up high with her notebooks and crayons. In high school she chose drawing and painting for all her elective classes, foregoing Home Ec, which could explain why she has no idea how to sew. Many years later, after an extensive period of…oh, let’s call it “The Years Of Introspection,” she attended Northern Illinois University and received a degree with honors in Art History in 2001, with a minor studies in Fine Arts, Anthropology, and Philosophy.

After university, taking all her hard-earned non-marketable skills on the road, she spent a considerable and decidedly delightful amount of time in a tiny town in central Italy, living deeply and quite happily immersed in the language, the art, and of course, the food. Her visits to Italy and other European countries, contributed greatly to a surge of Wow-ness in her artistic mind, finally releasing itself in her work once she decided to dedicate her entire life to Art, not only as a noun, but as an adjective and most especially verb.

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