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Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter Gerhard Richter (born 9 February 1932) is a German visual artist. Richter has produced abstract as well as photorealistic paintings, and also photographs and glass pieces. His art follows the examples of Picasso and Jean Arp in undermining the concept of the artist’s obligation to maintain a single cohesive style. In October 2012,… Read More Gerhard Richter

The Artist Birthday Series

Alice Trumbull Mason

Alice Trumbull Mason: painter Alice Trumbull Mason (1904–1971) was an American abstract painter. She became a staunch advocate of nonobjective art early in her career, and throughout her life she believed in its truthfulness over representational art. Born to an affluent family in Litchfield, Connecticut, Mason was a descendant of the American history painter, John Trumbull.… Read More Alice Trumbull Mason

The Artist Birthday Series

Viking Eggeling

Viking Eggeling: artist and filmmaker Viking Eggeling (21 October 1880 – 19 May 1925) was a Swedish avant-garde artist and filmmaker connected to Dadaism, Constructivism and Abstract art and was one of the pioneers in absolute film and visual music. His 1924 film Diagonal-Symphonie is one of the seminal abstract films in the history of… Read More Viking Eggeling

The Artist Birthday Series

George Ault

George Ault: painter George Copeland Ault (October 11, 1891 – December 30, 1948) was an American painter. He was loosely grouped with the Precisionist movement and, though influenced by Cubism and Surrealism, his most lasting work is of a realist nature. Ault was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent much of his youth in London,… Read More George Ault