Welcome to the Artworld of Terri Maxfield Lipp

 Hello and welcome to what I tend to consider my  OnlineMind2.0. My name is Terri Maxfield Lipp, and though I am rather fond of my name, I find it to, at least at times, contain simply too many letters (most notably in a 140 character environment), and so, I am also quite often known around the internet by my nom de’arte, TMLipp, or simply TML when I’m in a hurry.

Things you will find here:

    • Examples of my painting, photography and whatever else I might be dabbling with at any given time

    • The Artist Birthday Series, a biography driven, art historical blog, spotlighting the most interesting artists throughout history, complete with digital collage portraits of the featured artist that I have created for each post

  • TML Arts news and information, regarding my work and the work of people I consider wonderful for one reason or another
  • COMING SOON: a blog of some of my always rambling but oftentimes terribly interesting thoughts, entitled “The Magic Word”

“This site is part playground, part piazza. It is my gallery and my studio. As all things in the online world, it exists and does not exist all at the same time and as a result radiates in all directions through time and space, and in this very moment is vibrating, like an iridescent magpie, in your beautiful eyeballs.”  ~ TMLipp

artist of ever changing hues