The Artist Birthday Series

Viking Eggeling

Viking Eggeling: artist and filmmaker

Viking Eggeling (21 October 1880 – 19 May 1925) was a Swedish avant-garde artist and filmmaker connected to Dadaism, Constructivism and Abstract art and was one of the pioneers in absolute film and visual music. His 1924 film Diagonal-Symphonie is one of the seminal abstract films in the history of experimental cinema.


Helmuth Viking Eggeling was born in Lund, Sweden, and was orphaned at the age of fourteen. Two years later he moved to Germany to pursue an artistic career. He studied art history in Milan from 1901 to 1907, supporting himself with work as a bookkeeper. In 1903 he married Nora Sidney Marie (Noné) Fiernkranz from Vienna.

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