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Colette: The Light Of Lumiere

Beautiful Dreamer LP cover (with Colette, aka Justine, sleeping in the windows of K& O – Graz, in a boudoir environment, with audios projected into the streets – (the LP was displayed in windows but not for sale – Reverse Pop series 1978-82)


Colette as Mata Hari of the Stolen Potatoes, 1984 – in front of the Berlin Wall
Colette in 18th century costume, designed for the Berlin Opera (Ravel’s L’heure Espagnole – sets and costumes By Colette) – 1985


Colette returned to New York City as her permanent home in the early nineties. Her new persona, The House Of Olympia, was inspired by the 18th cent and lasted a decade. After the attacks on New York on September 11, 2001, Colette changed her name one more time, this time using the French word for light, “lumiere,” as her last name, and Colette Lumiere to this day continues to bring light to the world through her personal, intimate vision of life and all it means to be alive, to be creative, and to live every day with passion and truth to oneself.

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