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Colette: The Light Of Lumiere

She adopted and breathed life into several personas from the late 1970’s until today. She was Justine of the Colette is Dead Co., a recording star, fashion designer, inventor & conceptualizer of products. She was Mata Hari, of her living work Mata Hari And The Stolen Potatoes in Berlin, and while living in Munich she became Countess Reichenbach who continued in Colette’s alternative reality of sensuous silk, lace, performance, and art. Her most memorable series created during her Bavarian Adventure was her “DIAL C FOR SCANDAL SERIES ,” a conceptual business which provided art scandals to be commissioned.

“Ripping Myself Off,” performance & title of song performed at Victoria Falls – NYC. Multi media event and Fashion show by Justine of the Colette Is Dead Co.


Colette posing as living doll in her living environment, 1978


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