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Colette: The Light Of Lumiere

“Looking for Lady Gaga”
by Josh Gilbert

“Paranoia Is Heightened Awareness” – posing as Joan Of Arc, in the windows of Victoria Falls, Spring St., NYC – 1978.


“Valentine’s Day Window” with audio from her LP – Record City, Broadway, NYC – February 1980

From the late 1970’s until today, Colette has done nothing but live every breath of her life as art…creating art, breathing art, being art. She has done innumerable performance pieces around the globe, created new characters to tell her ethereal stories at international exhibitions like the Paris Biennale, as well as working with great museums like the MOMA in New York. In 1978, the Italian designer Fiorucci asked her to do one of her famous sleeping performances in a window in New York, bringing her Victorian punk style to the emerging New Wave and Goth movements of the 1980’s, leading to today’s Steampunk fashion. She was the original Steampunk Goddess.

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