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Colette: The Light Of Lumiere

The Woman With The Golden Mask

Today, Colette/Laboratoire Lumiere spends most of her time between New York and Berlin, and continues to exhibit all over the world. In 2016 she was the recipient of The Guggenheim Fellowship, and was invited to participate in #40 @Ps1 MOMA with a monumental installation exhibition/performance “There’s A Mermaid In The Attic.” The exhibition I was fortunate enough to see when I was in New York, entitled “Love In The Attic….Mermaid In The Closet,” ran from September 12 to October 15, 2017, at the Mitchell Algus Gallery in New York, and won ArtForum’s Best Art 2017.

“There is a Mermaid in the Attic” at the PS1 MOMA. June/Nov 2016. – Image copyrighted by Colette The Artist.


In January of 2018, Colette’s recent works, “Lumiere’s Adventures In ZuluLand” (which had been conceived during her residency in Zululand where she had been invited by Thanda Art Projects), were exhibited and auctioned at Stockholm’s Auktionverk, at a special gala raising money for the A Star For Life Art Project & Foundation. All works auctioned were immediately sold!

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