The Artist Birthday Series

Rik Slabbinck

Rick Slabbinck, painter Rik Slabbinck (3 August 1914 – Bruges, 19 July 1991 ) was a Belgian painter who, by incorporating the color palette of the Fauvists, the brush freedom of the Post Impressionists, and the subject matter of traditional painting, left the world a collection of artworks that beautifully express his unique vision. Rik Slabbinck was… Read More Rik Slabbinck

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Erich Heckel

Erich Heckel, painter and printmaker Erich Heckel (31 July 1883 – 27 January 1970) was a German expressionist artist and a founding member of the group Die Brücke (in English, “The Bridge“) which existed 1905-1913. Heckel was born in Döbeln, Saxony, the son of a railway engineer. Between 1897 and 1904 he attended the Realgymnasium in Chemnitz,… Read More Erich Heckel

The Artist Birthday Series

Constant Nieuwenhuys

Today’s Artist Birthday: Constant Nieuwenhuys Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys (21 July 1920 – 1 August 2005), better known as Constant, was a Dutch painter, sculptor, graphic artist, author and musician. Constant was born in Amsterdam on 21 July 1920 as the first son of Pieter Nieuwenhuijs and Maria Cornelissen. Their second son Jan Nieuwenhuys was born… Read More Constant Nieuwenhuys

The Artist Birthday Series

László Moholy-Nagy

Today’s Artist Birthday: László Moholy-Nagy László Moholy-Nagy (July 20, 1895 – November 24, 1946) was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as a professor in the Bauhaus school. He was highly influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts. Moholy-Nagy was born László Weisz in Bácsborsód… Read More László Moholy-Nagy

The Artist Birthday Series

Mordechai Ardon

Today’s Artist Birthday: Mordechai Ardon Mordecai Ardon (July 13, 1896 – June 18, 1992), is considered by many to be Israel’s greatest painter. His works were filled with mystical connotations, Jewish symbolism and enigmatic scenery. An artist who chose to use modern, expressionistic and abstract styles, combined with a classic painting technique which created distinctly unique… Read More Mordechai Ardon