My Work, On Being Human

Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

As of this writing, such a thing has not occurred, and for that I’m grateful. But the possibility still exists, and really, I suppose it has for the past 73 years, after Oppenheimer’s creation was unleashed for the first time, though we tend to put that thought far into the background of our daily lives. As long as there are humans that do not get to experience love firsthand, that don’t feel the interconnectedness of us all, to each other and to everything that is, and as long as weapons of mass destruction exist anywhere on the planet, the end of this amazing journey remains a possibility. I can’t help though, to have faith that our evolution will continue to bring us to great places, great states of mind and heart. If we are allowed to get there, if we can tame the beast within, I foresee great things for us, the little bipedal primates that could…and will.


* Thank you Captain Picard for your speech in the film “First Contact”

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