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Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

Seven centimeters below the surface, she realized, she had died.

"Seven Centimeters Below The Surface," 92cm x 122cm (36"x48") oil on canvas, 2017 by Terri Maxfield Lipp
“Seven Centimeters Below The Surface,” 92cm x 122cm (36″x48″) oil on canvas, 2017 by Terri Maxfield Lipp

Usually the wanderings of the mind that happen to me while snuggling with my Beloved, take me to beautiful, interesting places. But I saw that what I had experienced with Her, was how I felt about humanity. We had come so far, we had worked so hard, we as a species have the internet, we have solar panels, we have Teslas! There seems to be more love in the world than ever before, there seems to be more tolerance, more creativity than ever before, and it felt to me in that moment, with the ubiquitous newsfeed about leaders of these two countries and their chest thumping, posturing, growling, and basically threatening to kill everyone on the planet…that we humans had come so close to becoming what we really could have been. We could have been traveling the stars within a few decades, we could have been exploring outer space and inner space, we could have been living in a post-monetary society where the accumulation of material wealth was replaced with the desire to do what we could for the betterment of mankind.* We could have found the cures for many, many diseases, we could have found common ground with every living thing we came into contact with, we could finally have achieved the whole peace and love thing that pops up again and again in human consciousness. But just two inward facing egos, lacking the proper training in love, never having experienced the beauty and calming effects of real love, could in moments destroy everything we have evolved into being. I found it less frightening than just mind-blowingly sad. So, so close…

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