My Work, On Being Human

Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

Outside her door, which was now beneath her feet, she could hear a loud, roaring sound as the air in the hallway outside was quickly replaced with the sea. As the sound reached its crescendo, the lights began to flicker quickly and then went out. Though now completely in the dark and could not see it, she could hear and then feel the water that was now filling her windowless room through the door beneath her feet. Panic now reared its distorted head and she fell prey to the instinct to run. But to where? Three splashing steps in any direction and she was blocked. The fear was rushing inside her as forcefully as the water had rushed through the hallway. The water was ankle deep, then knee deep, then waist deep in seconds. Her subconscious desire to survive asserted itself and she found her way back that zen state of mind, though it was hardly a peaceful place to be. She envisioned being inside a bubble, with several million very angry bees just outside its shiny edge.

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