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Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

“Evolution” by Taymaz Valley, – Flickr

In my semi-conscious state, I just rode the feeling, surfing it, riding the wave to see where it would take me. It took me to a luxury cruise liner, not unlike the famed Titanic in many ways, though it was clearly not that ship, it was much too modern. The late day sun still shined on this early summer evening, and a gala event had just begun in the main ballroom of the ship, with men in tuxedos and women in a wide variety of beautiful gossamer gowns. I dove deeper into the vision and it took me to an inner cabin of the ship where a young woman with fiery red hair was almost ready to join the others. As she went to pick up her clutch for the evening, she caught herself in the mirror, stopped, and smiled. This evening, this gala, had been a long time coming, she had worked tirelessly to bring herself here, and for the briefest of moments she felt a sense of contentedness so profound that she almost didn’t feel her body anymore. For a flash, she fully felt herself a part of the entire Multiverse, in every time, in every place. In that flash she smiled, fully experiencing the joy of not only feeling the interconnectedness of everything, everywhere, but the knowledge of it. It was not a belief in that moment, it was instead clear and sure knowledge.

The moment did not last long however, as she was snapped back to what many refer to as “reality” when she felt the floor suddenly move and she momentarily lost her balance. It felt to her as if she had been riding in a bus and the bus had run over a very large rock. Puzzled, her mind had only begun to sort through the number of reasons how such a thing could have occurred while in a big boat, when alarms began sounding and her room began to tilt heavily to one side. She wondered, “How in the world can my room move like this…,” then of course immediately realizing it couldn’t be just her room, but the entire ship. Struggling not to fall, she braced herself against one wall and began to use another as the new floor. Oddly calm, she asked herself why she wasn’t panicking, then thought perhaps it best not to wonder such a thing and made the conscious decision to remain centered in her mind, to stay calm, zen-like. This was successful for several moments, until she heard the water.

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