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Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

Seven Centimeters Below The Surface

It has been a long time since the thought of nuclear war even seemed like a possibility in my mind. I may be somewhat naive when it comes to our species (admittedly and voluntarily), but I really believed that we humans had evolved to the point where not radiating the planet and ending millions of lives was kind of a no-brainer. In recent months however, I have had that belief challenged by a few humans that seem to lack not only foresight, but any degree of compassion as well. For the moment however, discussions of one group of humanoids lobbing death-bombs at another seems to have calmed somewhat, but I still find it quite unnerving that the prospect even exists. My painting, “Seven Centimeters From The Surface,” came into existence through this disquiet of my soul.

The vision for this piece came to me one beautiful autumn afternoon in 2017. I was resting my head on my Beloved’s chest, with his arms around me, and I was not asleep but not fully awake either. This spot is my favorite place in the Multiverse, where normally I find it to be a safe, warm, protected zone where tension dissipates, fear is non-existent, and it gently becomes my own personal Nirvana. But that day, there was a thread of sadness or fear that wove itself through this otherwise blissful place. The news at that time period consisted of a great deal of angry, sophomoric banter between the United States and North Korea, and talk of nuclear war was omnipresent. I couldn’t shake the idea just how absolutely disappointing it would be if a series of nuclear blasts were to obliterate all the good that has come from human existence. I am fully aware that there is still a lot of unpleasantness still left in our species, but I honestly feel that many of the negative aspects humanity still holds onto are only remnants of things we have shed over the millennia of our residence here on Earth. Granted, there’s still much more to be shed, but I have always felt that the kindness, the love, the compassion, the creativity we have developed in our species, far outweighs the violence, greed, and anger that I see as having their font in the primal base from which this human journey began. Still, that day, I was left unnerved.

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