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Paul Joostens

One of Joosten's "Poezeloezen," c. 1945
One of Joosten’s “Poezeloezen,” c. 1945

Throughout his life he had a great interest in film and movie stars. In fact, after 1940, he rarely left his home except to visit the cinema. He was “crazy in love with” (in his own words) the film stars Greta Garbo , Marlene Dietrich and Brigitte Helm . Their graceful, sensual moves and erotic attraction are also fundamentally reflected in his work and his way of thinking.

"Marlene Dietrich," by Paul Joostens, 1937
“Marlene Dietrich,” by Paul Joostens, 1937

Throughout the 1940’s, he made a remarkable series of photo collages, continuously made drawings, collages and assemblages, which no one ever saw, as neither he nor his artwork ever left his studio. He also wrote numerous poems, journals and other texts, however unpublished. In 1947 he made his most extensive collage collection Le Royaume des choses inutiles (The Kingdom Of Unnecessary Things). He also conducted an extensive correspondence with the painter Michel Seuphor, as well as painter and designerJos Leonard .

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