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Paul Joostens

Example of Joostens Futurist work, 1917
Example of Joostens Futurist work, 1917

Joosten made his first three-dimensional works in 1917. Around that time he also began to produce collages, influenced by Georges Braque. He was very productive throughout the 1920s, and in 1922 he exhibited Dadaist abstract collages and constructions of disposable materials, in a group exhibition along with poet Paul Ostaijen and artists Oscar and Floris Jespers. Together they founded the avant garde artist group, “Bond Zonder Gezegeld Papier.

Collage by Paul Joostens, 1922
Collage by Paul Joostens, 1922

After World War I, he lived briefly first in Rotterdam and then in Paris. He published his first collection of Dada poems in 1922, entitled “Salopes ou le quart d’heure de rage au soleil sans chapeau. (Sluts or 15 Minutes Of Rage Under The Sun Without A Hat).

"Salopes," by Paul Joostens, 19
“Salopes,” by Paul Joostens, 1922

In Paris, in 1924, he married a young lady by the name of Mado Millot, but by 1930 the couple had divorced. Related to the cause of their divorce or not, in 1925 he signed about a hundred pornographic, sadistic-humor drawings in the series Les Mollusques under the pseudonym A. Malibot (A play on “mal beau,” or “beautiful evil”). He also used the pseudonym Duco for other erotic drawings.

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