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Milton Glaser

Poster for Glaser's "Piero Della Francesca" exhbition
Poster for Glaser’s “Piero Della Francesca” exhibition

In 1992, an exhibition of drawings titled “The Imaginary Life of Claude Monet” opened at Nuages Gallery, Italy, and in 1995, an adapted version of this show was exhibited in Japan’s Creation Gallery. In 1997, the Suntory Museum in Japan, mounted a major retrospective of The Pushpin Studios, featuring past and present works by Milton Glaser and other Pushpin artists. A major retrospective of his work opened in February, 2000 at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice.

One of the drawings from Glaser's "The Imaginary Life Of Claude Monet"
One of the drawings from Glaser’s “The Imaginary Life Of Claude Monet”

From the start of his career, Milton Glaser has been an active member of both the design and education communities. He has been an instructor and a Board Member at the School of Visual Arts, New York since 1961, and is on the Board of Directors at The Cooper Union, New York. He has been affiliated with The International Design Conference in Aspen since 1972 (president 1990-91), and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, where he was vice-president and co-chair of the 1989 National Convention.


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