The Artist Birthday Series

Michelangelo Pistoletto

"Anno Uno," Teatro Quirino, Roma, 1981 -photo: Paolo Mussat Sartor.
“Anno Uno,” Teatro Quirino, Roma, 1981 -photo: Paolo Mussat Sartor.

A clip from a performance in 2009:

In 1994, Pistoletto proclaimed his program Progetto Arte, whose aim was the creative and social economic unification of all parts of human existence; in a narrower sense, the systematic combination of all achievements and knowledge of civilization with aspects of art (e.g. fashion, theatre, design, etc.). And to that end, in 1996, he founded the art city Cittadelarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in a discarded textile factory near Biella, as a centre and “laboratory”, supporting and researching creative resources, and producing innovative ideas and possibilities. The Cittadelarte is divided into different Uffici/Offices (work, education, communications, art, nutrition, politics, spirituality, and economics), which exchange with each other within an interdisciplinary network. Although it is conceived as a closed system, transparency towards the outside world is an important aspect of the Cittadelarte.

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