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Making Peace With Yellow


I swear, he is truly the sweetest soul to ever have existed. The look in his eye when he was watching me lose my marbles over a picture on the internet…the memory of that look still makes my heart flutter and makes me giddy. That look also served to center me, as looking into his eyes seems to always do for me. Reeling my exuberance back in, I quietly giggled, “Yayoi Kusama glasses…” to which my Beloved replied, “Well now…seeing that reaction…I think you need those.”

A bit more searching and I was to find that the glasses were no longer in production, but there were still some places online where those with the patience to search could still find them. While I was involved in my search however, I felt a sudden, subtle shift in the joy that I was so gleefully experiencing. There appeared a crack in the wall that was supporting my bliss, and that’s when I noticed it…and the wall came a tumblin’ down…

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