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Making Peace With Yellow

Because of this, I think I have spent a total amount of less than 47 hours in sunlight over the past half century, leaving me with a…I won’t say “pallid” appearance….but I will say definitely “not tan.” Because of this, anytime I have been tempted to wear anything yellow, be it a fun summer dress or funky-fab tank top, I seem to take on a decidedly jaundiced and intensely not-healthy look. So I believe that this is really the fount of my animosity for the otherwise happy color yellow.


Of course there are other reasons that have crept up over my lifetime. It always seemed like a silly color, I mean, who takes yellow seriously? Even flowers don’t wear it well. Lilies? A white lily is regal and poetic. But a yellow lily just looks ridiculous, like part of the plant didn’t really get it’s daily dose of chlorophyll. Yellow food? Bananas and corn, ok, wear it well, that is true…but aside that, yellow food just comes across as spoiled, rotting stuff that one should avoid. Yellow cars? How many of those have you seen…and on the rare occasion you’ve seen one, did it seem to you that anyone of any degree of success would be driving one? Ever see a yellow Rolls? I can’t even imagine. Yellow does not always command respect.

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