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Making Peace With Yellow

Using Muybridge’s image as an inspiration, I saw in my mind, the painting I was going to do. A self portrait as well, based on the ridiculous inner struggle I had with the color yellow…and the creation of which would be my coming to terms and making peace with that color once and for all. Jumping to my feet, I excitedly thanked my Beloved for his choice of words and scampered off to my studio to start work on what would become one of my favorite pieces created that year. Confused, but well used to it by now after years of living with me, he shouted after me, “Have fun, baby!”

And, I did.

Detail from "Making Peace With Yellow," 2016 by Terri Maxfield Lipp
Detail from “Making Peace With Yellow,” 2016 by Terri Maxfield Lipp


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