Luca Longobardi – The Ruggine Project


This ambitious project, stupendous in its concept, does not come to fruition for free, as one may well imagine. Luca estimates the entire work will have a total cost of around €7000, which will cover the video footage, recordings of the live, impromptu concerts held in tiny French and Italian villages along the way, as well as the production of the final documentary that will preserve the journey, the experiences, and the music created during this unique road-trip. To offset some of the cost, he has started a crowdfunding campaign through MusicRaiser, a platform for musical artists to raise funds to finance their assorted creative objectives. His initial goal is to raise a minimum of €3000 through this platform, as this is the axis upon whether or not the project will go ahead. The more donations the better, but if the aimed-for €3000 is not met, then the project itself will fall through and another, intensely more boring method of transporting the piano from France to Italy will be undertaken.

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