Luca Longobardi – The Ruggine Project

Gigi Caciuleano

As the piano itself is breathtakingly beautiful, and Luca just so happened to be craving a new project, the idea for “Ruggine” was born. He explains, “Earlier this year I received as a gift, a splendid Julius Feurich upright piano. When I saw its photographs, a memory immediately came back to my mind: ‘A trip is not made of places, but of people. Only people can give soul to places, by drawing with their eyes the path and the destination.’ These were the words my uncle Sal said when we saw each other at the airport in New York, as soon as I moved there to study music. So, I imagined a trip from Biarritz, a beautiful French town on the ocean, to Rome; a white van that will become an itinerant stage; a journey that will become a road-movie. Every day a stopover in a little town along the way, every day a meeting with the people of the place, every day a small concert offered to them in order to allow the instrument, and me with it, to live the change.”

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