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Joshua Compston

Today’s Artist Birthday: Joshua Compston

Joshua Richard Compston (1 June 1970 – 5 March 1996), was a London gallerist whose space, Factual Nonsense, was closely associated with the emergence of the Young British Artists (YBAs).

Compston initially followed an Art Foundation Course, but changed his study to Art History, graduating from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 1992. He developed an interest in the art of living painters, which he thought were ignored by the art establishment. He opened an art gallery, Factual Nonsense, at 44a Charlotte Road in Hoxton, and worked with many of the artists of the YBA movement including Tracey Emin, and organized an annual fete in Hoxton Square.

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2 thoughts on “Joshua Compston

  1. I’m not sure whether we have met , but I was surprised to see my painting “FactualNonsense” used to form the background to a vignetted portrait of Joshua Compston.
    Isn’t it normal/proper/polite to contact the artist before exploiting an image in this way.
    Please get back to me with your thoughts on this.

    David Taborn

    PS I also took the photograph of Joshua at the Courtauld that was used by you – it had another of my paintings behind him!

  2. Dear Mr. Taborn,

    No, we have never met, I’m sure you would remember. But to your concerns, my sincerest apologies for apparently upsetting you. It was most certainly never my intention to do so. My Artist Birthday series is an educational labor of love, driven by the desire to honor artists and others in the art world that I admire, am inspired by, or influence my art or thinking in some way. It pains me a bit that this entry has disturbed you and I will endeavor to rectify that now.

    The images that I use in my posts are reused with the understanding that they adhere to the guidelines of Fair Use, or in your country it is often referred to as Fair Usage. From the British Library website: “The concept of fair usage exists within UK copyright law; commonly referred to as fair dealing, or free use and fair practice. … Fair use law is not only applicable to text-based works; it applies to musical, dramatic, artistic, literary and typographical works too.”

    Regarding Fair Use/Fair Usage images on my blog, I attentively follow the guidelines, understood as: my blog is informational, educational, and fact based; that I am not reselling any images that contain 3rd party content; and use is partial (as in not the entire image) in my digital collage. I was assured by my legal counsel when I started this blog, that the usage of 3rd party images in my digital collage artist portraits rest comfortably under the umbrella of Fair Use/Fair Usage, at least the way that I use them and present them.

    As stated at the outset, the heartfelt purpose of this series is purely only to honor those artists and other shining, creative minds, those who stand above the common and banal. Your concerns have been taken to heart, and I have taken the liberty of removing all images of your work as well as all pertinent references.

    Kind regards,
    Terri Maxfield Lipp

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