The Artist Birthday Series

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

“La Comtesse d’Haussonville,” 1845


“Madame Moitessier,” 1856

Abstaining from entering the Salon for more than two decades, Ingres entered 69 pieces to the 1855 Universal Exposition in Paris. The reviews were mixed; to the Conservatives, Ingres was the last great representative of “the grand tradition”: to the Progressives, his style was old fashioned and irrelevant to contemporary advances in painting.

"Saint John the Baptist, As A Boy," 1855
“Saint John the Baptist, As A Boy,” 1855

Continuing to paint into his latter years proved beneficial for Ingres. It was then that he completed his most notable works; female nudes. His two most recognizable works, La Source and The Turkish Bath are contrasting to a notable degree.

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