The Artist Birthday Series

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Ingres Portraits 9

During the French Revolution however, Ingres’s proper education at the school of Brothers of Christian Doctrine (today known as Confraternity of Christian Doctrine – CCD) was cut short by the abolition of religious orders in France in 1791. As a result, Ingres transferred to a fine arts academy in Toulouse.

Study of male form, 1880
Academic study of male torso, 1881

Aged 17, Ingres moved to Paris to study at the studio of Jaques-Louis David. His training with celebrated artists and his later education from École des Beaux-Art awarded him the Prix de Rome, a scholarship given by the French government to study at the Académie de France in Rome (Académie de France à Rome). The Envoys of Agamemnon earned him the coveted position. At just 19-years-old, it was clear the young artist had an extensive knowledge of art history and a certain attraction to the technicalities of antiquity.

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