The Artist Birthday Series

Helen Hardin

Hardin’s relationship with her high school boyfriend, Pat Terrazas, continued after graduation and they had a daughter, Margarete Bagshaw, in 1964. The young and determined artist had to sneak opportunities to paint because both her boyfriend and harsh mother disapproved of her being a painter.

"Pause For Refreshment," by Helen Hardin
“Pause For Refreshment,” by Helen Hardin

In 1964 Hardin made the painting Medicine Talk for her first major solo exhibition at Enchanted Mesa. While with her father in 1968 in Bogotá, Colombia, she began painting in earnest and had a successful show at the American Embassy, where she sold 27 paintings. Since her reputation in the United States was tied with her mother’s success, she had not been sure the degree to which she had success based upon her own merit. In Columbia however, her success was based on her talent alone.

"Messenger From The Sun," by Helen Hardin
“Messenger From The Sun,” by Helen Hardin

Finally she went to Bogotá, Columbia in 1968 as a respite from the abusive relationship with Terrazas and an unhealthy relationship with her mother. She said of that time, “I awoke to the fact that I was twenty-four years old, I was locked into an unhappy [relationship], and I was not painting. I didn’t know who I was or what I was. In search of personal freedom, I took Margarete… and left the country.”

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