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Gego, sculptor

Gego (1 August 1912 – 17 September 1994) was a modern Venezuelan artist and sculptor. Her most popular works were produced in the 1960s and 1970s, during the height of popularity of Geometric abstract art and Kinetic Art. Although these genres influenced her somewhat, Gego tried to develop her own style by drawing lines in space and break from the popular art of Venezuela.

Gego was born Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt in Hamburg, Germany in 1912. Although she was the niece of the medieval art historian Adolf Goldschmidt, who taught at the University of Berlin, she decided to attend the Technische Hochschule of Stuttgart in 1932, where she was taught by popular masonry artist Dr. Paul Bonatz and in 1938 received a diploma in both architecture and engineering.

c. 1932
c. 1932

Her German citizenship was nullified in 1935, due to the fact that her family was of Jewish heritage. Four years later she moved to Venezuela, where she gained citizenship in 1952. (Years later, in 1987, Professor Frithjof Trapp of the University of Hamburg led an investigation called “Exile and Emigration of Hamburg Jews.” Gego was one of the people he had hoped to investigate, and after several letters to her home, Gego finally agreed to respond, but the letter was never mailed and instead stayed in her collection of notes. In her testimony titled ” Reflection on my origins and encounters in life” Gego describes how her family identified with German society. She described, in detail, her education history and her departure from Germany.)

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