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In 1907 the Die Brücke had another exhibition in Löbtau, devoted exclusively to graphics and including a group of woodcuts by Wassily Kandinsky. Unfortunately, despite Kandinsky’s participation, the group once again failed to strike a chord with the public.

Poster for an exhibition by Die Brücke, 1907
Poster for an exhibition by Die Brücke, 1907

However, much more noteworthy and ironically also notorious, were the next three annual shows by the Die Brücke, this time held in the fashionable Emil Richter Gallery. In large, silent rooms, expensively furnished and smothered with lush carpets, the group’s unconventional paintings and prints struck a foreseeably strident chord, amongst them notably a nude poster of a woman that ruffled many a complacent Dresdener, and again the police were summoned.

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