Terri Maxfield Lipp 

Curriculum Vita

To appreciate this very moment, and live it as fully as I can, without getting too distracted by the trivial flutterings of existence. 

Personal Profile:
Born in the midwestern United States; raised in a quaint little town surrounded by forest and corn; received grade/high school public education; wandered around the United States, following bliss and exploring Life for approximately 15 years; attended Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL; after that, the adventure continued with a delightful amount of time spent in Tuscany, followed by a six year stay in Washington, DC. Now living in Rome, Italy. All is good. 

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL,
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
BA in Art History
minor in Fine Arts
minor in Anthropology
honorary masters in Ridiculous Behaviour

Selected Experience and Exhibitions:

  • The Studio, Rockford, IL 1986-1988: Photography, portrait studio; family portraits, senior photos, newborns, engagement photos, etc.
  • Freelance Photographer, Midwest United States, 1987-1992: Photographer-For-Hire: weddings, business events, family and personal portraiture, etc.
  • DJ, Beloit, WI, 1989-1991: Beloit College Radio host, created the “The Max Factor,” 3 hours a week of the best of anything odd, obscure, and psychedelic that I could get my hands on.
  • The Dark Room, Rockford, IL 1989-1992: custom photo lab; machine and hand develop film and prints, specializing in B&W

  • Arts Walk, city festival, Rockford IL 1991: exhibited/sold hand printed B&W photography, hand colored with ground pigment on Ilford Texture Cotton Rag paper

  • Gallery 10, Rockford IL 1991: exhibited custom, hand printed/colored B&W and color prints

  • Artisan Gallery, Northampton, MA 1993: curator of exhibits and really nice salesperson

  • The House Cafe, DeKalb, IL 1999: Grand opening; group show, exhibited 3 large paintings ~ one even got stolen 

  • Tuscan Sun Festival, Cortona, Italy 2005: Curator for J Henry Fair photographic exhibit

  • Nocchia Gallery, Cortona Italy 2005: independent curator & consultant

  • Tuscan Sun Festival, Cortona, Italy 2006: translator for award winning Italian journalist Lilly Magi

  • Coffee And Poetry Festival, Cortona, Italy 2006: onstage translator for U.S. Poet Laureate Mark Strand ~ it was a complete disaster: read all about it here

  • Facets, Solo exhibition in 2012; private location in Washington, DC: great fun

  • Back To Life Exhibition, Washington, DC, April 2014: Curator and participant in 5 artist exhibition, Chapel of Historic Congressional Cemetery: awesomeness

  • Off The Beaten Track Warehouse Private Grand Opening, Washington, DC, April 2014: group show, exhibited numerous in new studio spacepaintings

  • Off The Beaten Track Warehouse Public Grand Opening, Washington, DC, May 2014: paintings

  • TML Arts Open Studio Exhibitions, Washington, DC (last Saturday of June, July, August, October 2014) exhibition of paintings, photography, soundscapes

  • The Alchemy Of Making, at Homebody Interior Design Boutique, 2014; 2 artist exhibition, 9 paintings

  • TML Arts Studio Closing Exhibition, Washington, DC March 2015; exhibition of my own work plus that of up-and-coming young artist Adrienne Adams, and recent MFA graduate Claudia Furlow.

  • Nebula Creatives, Chicago, IL 2015: Resident Artist, Graphic Design, and Director of Communications – Producer on film projects “Light My Fire: The Burlesque Diaries” (a documentary about the psychological transformations students of burlesque undergo), and “Lab 99” (a science fiction comedy-drama).

  • American Visionary Art Museum’s Shining Walls/Shining Youth Mosaic Project, Baltimore, MD March 2015 to present; grouting, cleaning, and assistance with installation of large scale mosaic, Phase IV on the rooftop of the AVAM building in Baltimore, directed by Sara Allen Harper.

  • MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE ARTI VISIVE “OMAGGIO A GINO SEVERINI – PREMIO CITTA’ DI CORTONA” 4° EDIZIONE, Cortona (AR), Italy; October 2015: winner of 1st Annual “Premio Nocchia Galleria” and CCGS Award for use of color as expression

artist of ever changing hues